Recommended Resources

Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer PRO

I highly recommend this powerful analysis software for running your numbers.  I've used it over the past ten years to analyze all of my deals, from single family up to large apartment syndications.  Its allowed me to find the best opportunities, and helped me realize when the numbers just don't work.

The Complete Guide to Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis

This book teaches you the investment decision-making process, cash flow analysis, and the financial ratios used in real estate analysis such as cash-on-cash return, internal-rate-of-return (IRR), capitalization rates (Cap Rates), and much more.  You will quickly learn when a property is a good investment and how to make better real estate investment decisions.

Flipper's & Rehabber's Cash Flow Analyzer

There's also a Cash Flow Analyzer for Flippers and Rehabbers.  I've never used this software myself, but if its half as great as the Landlord's Cash Flow Analyzer PRO then it's a 'must-have' if you're considering flips or rehabs.

Technical Analysis & Market Conditions

Real Estate is always local, and despite what the media is telling you about the hot housing market, there are many cities across the United States that you should avoid.  There are also many markets that are at the very beginning of their wealth cycle.

I'm a subscriber to Housing Alerts because I depend on their technical analysis of hyper-local markets in order to know where to buy, where to avoid, and when to get out.

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