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Brian Hamrick has spent years assembling the best team of experts and professionals to help ensure the success of every acquisition.

Green Property Management

HIG works closely with Green Property Management on all of its holdings to maintain the best-quality tenants, the highest occupancy and rent income, and to oversee the maintenance and improvements that are so important to creating a safe, comfortable & desirable home for our residents.

Green Property Management

Tax Preparation, Strategy & Cost Segregation
Stonehenge Consulting

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of real estate investing is the tax  advantages your investment can provide.  HIG works closely with the tax experts at Stonehenge Consulting to strategize how best to save you money on your taxes through depreciation, cost segregation and year-end tax preparation.

Stonehenge Consulting PLC

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SEC & Contract Attorney • Warner Norcross & Judd

HIG has worked with attorney Loren Andrulis on all legal matters of apartment syndication and acquisition.  Including the purchase contract, operating agreement, and private placement memorandum.

Warner Norcross

Insurance Advisor & Broker • J.B. Harrison Insurance

Mike Murphy is HIG's 'go to' guy for insurance on everything from duplexes up to 200+ units.

Property & Liability Insurance, JB Harrison

Commercial Financing • Greemann Capital

Harvey & Ben Greemann have helped secure large commercial loans from insurance companies at competitive rates.  We've also completed a Freddie Mac Small Balance Loan and Fannie Mae 30-year fixed-rate loan recently through Greemann.

Greemann Capital

Fannie Mae Loan Broker • Meridian Capital Group

Fannie Mae financing can provide the best terms available for commercial loans.  Its also one of the most difficult types of loans to acquire.  We were able to achieve 30-year fixed rate financing at 4.39% interest with a 10-year balloon through Meridian Capital Group.

Meridian Capital Group

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Commercial Financing • Chemical Bank

David Deal has helped HIG acquire bank financing for properties ranging from 6 to 71 units.

Chemical Bank

Commercial Financing • Old National Bank

Brian Hofstra has helped HIG acquire bank financing for properties ranging from 5 to 37 units.

Old National Bank

Commercial Leasing • X Ventures of West Michigan

Chip Bowling and Shelby Reno are helping us find suitable restaurant and retail tenants at Oakwood Manor.

X Ventures of West Michigan

Architectural Design • Lott3Metz Architecture

We've been working with architect Greg Metz as we improve Oakwood Manor & market to commercial tenants.

Lott3Metz Architecture

Rental Property Owners Association

The RPOA is the best place in West Michigan to network with experienced investors and gain hyper-local & timely knowledge about the Grand Rapids real estate market.

Rental Property Owners Association

Real Estate Attorney • Zamzow PLLC

Michael Zamzow has helped HIG through several challenging real estate negotiations.

Zamzow PLLC

Tax Appeal Attorney • Verspoor Waalkes

Ryan Huizenga has helped HIG appeal the tax assessments on many of it's properties.

Verspoor Waalkes

Real Estate Attorney • Kluczynski, Girtz & Vogelzang

Mark Hanisch has worked with HIG on several complex deals.

Kluczynski, Girtz & Vogelzang

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